Buy Credits – Stand out of the crowd

These credits give you the opportunity to:

1. Apply for jobs in normal mode – Only 1 credit per application. This can set you apart from free applicants.

2. Apply for jobs in priority mode – Only 25 credits per application. This will place you on top of all applicants.

3. Handling of your C.V. exclusively by one of our agents: We talk to the employer about you and present to them your profile – Only 100 credits total.

4. Promotion to our Social Media Employers: Over the years, we have built a portfolio of Employers we work for in the Fintech industry. With only 100 credits, we promote your C.V. to all of them and give you priority



5. Remote working profile: We promote you to our registered employers as remote employees. You don’t need to relocate. Work from your own space and time in your country – You pay only 500 credits and we talk to 10 interested employers about you.

6. Send your C.V. to 10 employers of your choice – Only 100 credits total.

7. Interview preparation: We talk to the employer and gather the main questions. Then we prepare you with 2-3 interviews between us and you with only 50 credits. This way, you will be ready for your interview.


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